Physio4Therapy Staff

Frequently asked questions

How to book an appointment?
Please follow the contact link for booking an appointment.

How physio4therapy operate?
Our service offers a holistic approach and detailed assessment to gain the knowledge of your health issues. Following your assessment we will consult you in detail on the findings and recommend the appropriate treatment such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy or complementary therapy to help to full fill your health needs.
Treatment sessions will be carried out in pre booked consultation rooms, Gym and hydrotherapy pool.

Do I need a referral?
No you don’t need a referral. You can directly see a physiotherapist.

Is there a waiting time?
You will be normally seen with in 48 hours of booking an appointment with us. How ever if there is availability you will be seen on the same day.

How is the payment made?
Payments can be made by cash/cheque payable to the therapist.

Is my therapist licensed?
Yes. Please check the health and care professions website using the links below
PH74882 (Jansi Govindan)
PH77680 (Renjith Eettickal Reghu)

How many visits will I need?
Physiotherapy, acupuncture and complementary sessions depend on the individual’s response to the treatment.  For Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture 12 sessions are recommended.

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